DIY Paper Flowers: Giant Poinsettias

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These giant poinsettias are the best wall flowers to decorate your walls in winter, especially at Christmas time. They are not so fast to make, but look really amazing! Follow our step-by-step video instruction below to make your own fantastic winter decor.

In this Christmas arrangement, we have combined poinsettias of two sizes with spruce branches and four-pointed stars. But you can also create your own unique paper flower arrangements by combining poinsettias with other wall flowers and leaves (find them in SVG templates).

To hang flowers on the wall, use double-sided tape (mounting tape), reusable adhesive putty, or glue. Glue is the best choice if you are okay with ruining your wall covering and need flowers to stay attached to the wall for a long time.

giant paper poinsettia

Giant poinsettias look absolutely stunning in red. But if you like calm tones, light pink or white color will be perfect.

Our step-by-step video tutorial below shows assembling a 32-cm / 12.5-inch diameter flower, but you can use the same principle to make flowers of any size. Below you can download templates for 32 cm / 12.5 inches and  25 cm / 10 inches flowers. Use a cutting machine or print the templates and cut them manually. You can also make flowers of any other size. To do that, change the settings in your cutting machine or printer.

diy paper poinsettia flowers

How to make it

When you are ready to make your giant poinsettias, prepare the tools and materials (see the list below). Also, download the templates (you can buy them in our shop) and use a cutting machine or print the templates and cut them manually. Now you are ready – watch the video tutorial and start creating!

If you have any questions, please comment below. I’m always happy to help!


  • Cutting Machine or Scissors
  • High-Temp Hot Glue Gun
  • Ruler
  • Ball Stylus Crafting Tools 13 mm / 0.52 inch  and 11 mm / 0.44 inch (e.g. this) and molding mat (e.g. this). Use 13 mm tool for 32 cm flower, and 11 mm tool for 25 cm flower.


Video Tutorial

Giant Poinsettias
paper flowers Christmas decor
paper poinsettia handmade
paper poinsettia Christmas
Giant Poinsettias

Explore more

Love these giant poinsettias? Create your unique flower arrangements by combining them with other wall flowers and leaves (see SVG templates). Or see our collection of Christmas crafts for more ideas on what to make at holidays.

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Download templates

Here you can download Giant Poinsettia SVG, DXF (for cutting machines) and PDF (for manual cutting) templates. For more information on how to work with templates, see our Cutting Machine and Template FAQ.

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